GeoConsult specialises in the provision of geotechnical site assessments, geotechnical design advice and advanced numerical modelling services.


Subject to project requirements, we employ a range of leading software tools, including:


  • FLAC 2D
  • FLAC 3D
  • LimitStateGeo
  • SEEP/W
  • Mathematica
  • Maple

Using high-level programming environments we are able to provide bespoke software solutions that seamlesly integrate data, calculations, visualisations and text.  These same tools also allow us to issue technical reports containing live calculations that can be manipulated by the reader to interactively explore the impacts of selected parameter values on computed results and design outcomes.


If you think we may be able to help or would like to discuss a particular project, please get in touch with Dr Ian Williams on 01792 411013 or via email at at